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Information for build pykickstart-3.18-1.fc30

Package Namepykickstart
SummaryPython utilities for manipulating kickstart files.
DescriptionPython utilities for manipulating kickstart files. The Python 2 and 3 libraries can be found in the packages python-kickstart and python3-kickstart respectively.
Built bydavidlt
State complete
StartedSat, 19 Jan 2019 09:31:28 CET
CompletedSat, 19 Jan 2019 09:31:28 CET
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Changelog * Wed Aug 29 2018 Chris Lumens <> - 3.18-1 - New release: 3.18 (clumens) - Use the RHEL8 handler to generate RHEL docs. (clumens) - Add missing trailing newline for syspurpose __str__ method (mkolman) - Add the syspurpose command (mkolman) - Fix 'make rpmlog' target. (dcantrell) * Wed Aug 15 2018 David Cantrell <> - 3.17-1 - New release: 3.17 (dcantrell) - Add authselect command to rhel8 handler (rvykydal) - Add module command to rhel8 handler (rvykydal) - Update po/pykickstart.pot (dcantrell) * Thu Aug 09 2018 David Cantrell <> - 3.16-1 - New release: 3.16 (dcantrell) - Remove the extra space from the logvol command (vponcova) - Support LUKS2 in the raid command (vponcova) - Support LUKS2 in the part command (vponcova) - Support LUKS2 in the logvol command (vponcova) - Support LUKS2 in the autopart command (vponcova) - Remove unused false positive (vponcova) - Wrong hanging indentation (vponcova) * Fri Jul 13 2018 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 3.15-2 - Rebuilt for * Tue Jul 10 2018 Chris Lumens <> - 3.15-1 - New release: 3.15 (clumens) - Add nvdimm command to RHEL7 (rvykydal) - Fix tests timeout (vponcova) - Fix pylint errors (vponcova) - The deprecated command upgrade is removed in another handler (vponcova) - The partition option --active is deprecated in another handler (vponcova) - The ignoredisk option --interactive is deprecated in another handler (vponcova) - The bootloader option --upgrade is deprecated in another handler (vponcova) - The command install is deprecated in another handler (vponcova) - The command deviceprobe is deprecated in another handler (vponcova) - Add kickstart warnings (vponcova) - Add the enablemodule command (mkolman) - Remove translation-canary wrapper for xgettext command. (dcantrell) - Use 'New release:' in the 'make bumpver' commit messages. (dcantrell) - Update the 'make pypi' target. (dcantrell) - Include the _sortCommand to the _setCommand method (#1578930) (vponcova) * Fri Jun 15 2018 Miro Hrončok <> - 3.14-3 - Rebuilt for Python 3.7 * Tue May 22 2018 David Cantrell <> - 3.14-2 - Include the _sortCommand to the _setCommand method (vponcova, #1578930) - Remove call to during build * Mon May 14 2018 David Cantrell <> - 3.14-1 - Increment version to 3.14 (dcantrell) - Commit the new version in make bumpver. (dcantrell) - Adjust the make release target. (dcantrell) - Fix path problem in the pypi target. (dcantrell) - Adjust zanata check in po-pull Makefile target. (dcantrell) - Document that lilo and lilocheck are deprecated (vponcova) - Document that the command mouse is deprecated (vponcova) - The deprecated command upgrade is removed (vponcova) - The partition option --active is deprecated (vponcova) - The ignoredisk option --interactive is deprecated (vponcova) - The bootloader option --upgrade is deprecated (vponcova) - The command install is deprecated (vponcova) - The command deviceprobe is deprecated (vponcova) - Add Fedora 29 support (vponcova) - Change the timeout for nosetests (vponcova) - Fix deprecated commands with data (vponcova) * Thu May 10 2018 David Cantrell <> - 3.13-1 - Prepare for 3.13 release. (dcantrell) - Adjust the make release target. (dcantrell) - Fix path problem in the pypi target. (dcantrell) - Adjust zanata check in po-pull Makefile target. (dcantrell) - Update fcoe command help (rvykydal) - Add support for fcoe --autovlan (rvykydal) - Fix the writePriority test for the new nvdimm command. (clumens) - Fix a typo in the nvdimm command help output. (clumens) - Add use action to nvdimm command. (rvykydal) - Add nvdimm command (rvykydal) - Remove the spec file from the source repo. (clumens) - No longer reference the spec file in the Makefile. (clumens) - Change the rc-release target to not assume the spec file location. (clumens) - Get the version number from instead of the spec file. (clumens) - Remove PKGNAME from the Makefile. (clumens) * Thu Apr 19 2018 David Cantrell <> - 3.12-5 - BuildRequires: python2-ordered-set * Mon Apr 16 2018 David Cantrell <> - 3.12-4 - Fix python2 subpackage builds. (#1564347) - Disable tests by default because they fail in mock right now. * Thu Apr 12 2018 David Cantrell <> - 3.12-3 - Re-enable the python2 subpackages on Fedora for now. Some programs still need it and have not moved to python3 yet. (#1564347) * Mon Apr 02 2018 David Cantrell <> - 3.12-2 - Conditionalize out python2 subpackage builds on Fedora releases after 28 and EL releases after 7 * Mon Feb 19 2018 Chris Lumens <> - 3.12-1 - Sync spec file back up. (clumens) - Don't use deprecated formatErrorMsg (vponcova) - Handle error message formatting in KickstartError (vponcova) - Add the KickstartHandler class (vponcova) - Remove --fstype=btrfs support from LogVol, Raid and Part (rvykydal) - Remove btrfs support (rvykydal) - Create RHEL8 commands to pass handler using highest version test. (rvykydal) - Add RHEL8 handler (rvykydal) - Expect kickstart commands to have the default write priority. (vponcova) - Authconfig is replaced with authselect (vponcova) * Fri Feb 09 2018 Igor Gnatenko <> - 3.11-2 - Escape macros in %changelog * Thu Feb 08 2018 Chris Lumens <> - 3.11-1 - Logging level should be always set (#1543194) (vponcova) - Copy txt files from _build folder on make local call (jkonecny) * Thu Jan 25 2018 Chris Lumens <> - 3.10-1 - Update Python 2 dependency declarations to new packaging standards * Thu Jan 04 2018 Chris Lumens <> - 3.9-1 - Fix directory ownership (lbalhar, #202). (clumens) - firewall: add --use-system-defaults arg to command (#1526486) (dusty) - Add lineno as an attribute on KickstartParseError. (clumens) - Don't modify the original command and data mappings. (vponcova) * Thu Nov 30 2017 Chris Lumens <> - 3.8-1 - Add support for hmc command in Fedora (vponcova) - Commands for specifying base repo are mentioned in docs (jkonecny) - Add list of installation methods to the method doc (jkonecny) - Fix pylint warnings in the mount command (vponcova) - Fix test for the mount command (vponcova) - Add clearpart --cdl option. (sbueno+anaconda) - Add Fedora 28 support (vponcova) - Add a new 'mount' command (vpodzime) - Pylint fixes (vponcova) - Add command hmc to support SE/HMC file access in RHEL7 (vponcova) - Add timeout and retries options to %packages section in RHEL7 (vponcova) - Call the _ method from (jkonecny) - Backport spec file changes from downstream (jkonecny) - network: add network --bindto option (Fedora) (#1483981) (rvykydal) - network: add network --bindto option (RHEL) (#1483981) (rvykydal) - Add url --metalink support (#1464843) (rvykydal) - Update doc of repo --mirrorlist and --baseurl with --metalink (#1464843) (rvykydal) - Add repo --metalink support (#1464843) (rvykydal) - Add Fedora 27 support. (rvykydal) - Update Repo command tests. (rvykydal) - Split the import of commands to multiple lines (vponcova) - Move the installclass command to the %anaconda section (vponcova) - Mention that repo name must not contain spaces (brunovern.a) * Fri Sep 15 2017 Jiri Konecny <> - 3.7-2 - Backport of the Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek <> from downstream spec Python 2 binary package renamed to python2-pykickstart See * Tue Jul 18 2017 Chris Lumens <> - 3.7-1 - Add a Makefile target for uploading to pypi (#162). (clumens) - Remove some old, unneeded stuff from the Makefile. (clumens) - Add tests for method command (vponcova) - Rewrite the method command. (vponcova) - More documentation for bypassing the bootloader (#159) (amtlib-dot-dll) - Output any sections registered with NullSection (#154). (clumens) - Add new installclass command in master (vponcova) * Tue May 16 2017 Chris Lumens <> - 3.6-1 - Ignore errors from coverage tests (#138) (jkonecny) - Fix bumpver target when "changelog" is in the spec file more than once. (clumens) - Ignore a couple false positives coming from the re module. (clumens) - Fix snapshot command (jkonecny) - Generate documentation in ci tests (jkonecny) - Fix snapshot documentation (jkonecny) - Add tests for a new snapshot command (#1113207) (jkonecny) - Add support of --when param to snapshot command (#1113207) (jkonecny) - Add new snapshot KS command (#1113207) (jkonecny) - Add realm command test (jkonecny) - Add --nohome, --noboot and --noswap options to autopart command. (vponcova) - Add --nohome option to autopart command in RHEL7. (vponcova) - Add support for --chunksize option to RHEL7. (vponcova) - Add link to online docs to the README (#137) (martin.kolman) - Add --hibernation to the list of logvol size options (#1408666). (clumens) - Handle KickstartVersionError in ksflatten (#1412249). (clumens) - Fix the glob used to reference comps files in docs (#135). (clumens) - docs: Note under %include that most sections don't do merging (#134) (walters) - Fix handling # in passwords. (clumens) - Pass comments=True to shlex.split calls in the test functions. (clumens) - Don't forget to add tests to the NOSEARGS. (clumens) * Wed Nov 30 2016 Chris Lumens <> - 3.5-1 - Include README.rst in the again. (clumens) - Disable running "make coverage" or "make check" with python2. (clumens) - rootpw: document that password isn't required with --lock (atodorov) - Run the docs makefile during RTD build (mkolman) - Remove the type annotations (dshea) - Remove mypy checks. (dshea) - Fix python2 compatibility when printing to stderr (jkonecny) - Add a type stub for the new F26 support. (clumens) - Fix and add tests for F26 and new displaymode (jkonecny) - Add non-interactive option to graphical and text modes (jkonecny) - Add Fedora 26 support (jkonecny) - fix markup a bit (add ) (gitDeveloper) - Print errors to stderr when errors aren't fatal (jkonecny) - Add build insturctions for the docs (martin.kolman) - More test coverage for (atodorov) - Warn about using removed keywords in kickstart commands (atodorov) - More test coverage for (atodorov) - Refactoring and more tests for partition (atodorov) - Add documentation for mouse (atodorov) - Add documentation for langsupport (atodorov) - Refactor lang and add more tests (atodorov) - Refactor iscsiname and more tests (atodorov) - Add short description for interactive command (atodorov) - Nuke all the pykickstart-2.x %changelog history. (clumens) - Update network command documentation also in option help strings. (rvykydal) - Retroactively fix checks for reqpart and autopart (atodorov) - More tests for zfcp (atodorov) - More tests for volgroup (atodorov) - More tests for url (atodorov) - Add help documentation and more tests for (atodorov) - More tests and refactoring for, fixes #112 (atodorov) - More test coverage for sshpw (atodorov) - Refactor and add more tests for sshkey (atodorov) - Remove duplicate assert (atodorov) - Add more tests for rootpw (atodorov) - Refactoring and additional test coverage for raid command (atodorov) - More tests for FC3_NFS (atodorov) - Refactor and add tests (atodorov) - Additional tests for FC3_HardDrive (atodorov) - More tests for F12_GroupData (atodorov) - Additional test coverage for commands/ (atodorov) - Add missing documentation for device command (atodorov) - Explain ks= vs. inst.ks= in the documentation (#109). (clumens) - Include the built documentation in the package tarball. (clumens) - Update the documentation when bumpver is run. (clumens) - Add commands*.rst and sections.rst to the repo. (clumens) - Another path change in docs/ for readthedocs. (clumens) - Fix a couple pylint errors. (clumens) - Disable assertion in HelpAndDescription_TestCase (atodorov) - Refactor HelpAndDescription_TestCase to properly patch KSOptionParser (atodorov) - Add docs to the path in docs/ too. (clumens) - Set the version in docs/ with "make bumpver". (clumens) - Set PYTHONPATH when running sphinx-build. (clumens) - The build now requires sphinx to build documentation. (clumens) - Test if prog, help or description are empty (atodorov) - Clean up TODO comments (atodorov) - Add Sphinx extension which parses the 'versionremoved' directive (atodorov) - Automatically build kickstart command & sections documentation (atodorov) - Add a backward compatibility class for the lilo command (atodorov) - Split upgrade and install commands and update handlers after F20 (atodorov) - Don't skip DeprecatedCommands when testing handler mappings (atodorov) - network refactoring and more tests (atodorov) - iscsiname - small refactoring (atodorov) - firewall refactoring and more tests (atodorov) - clearpart: refactoring and more tests (atodorov) - More tests for multipath (atodorov) - user: more tests and refactoring (atodorov) - updates refactoring (atodorov) - timezone refactoring and more tests (atodorov) - fcoe more tests (atodorov) - sshpw: new tests and refactoring (atodorov) - services refactoring to reduce mutations (atodorov) - rootpw: refactoring and new tests (atodorov) - reboot: add two more tests (atodorov) - monitor: new test (atodorov) - method: refactoring and a few more tests (atodorov) - logvol: refactoring and more tests (atodorov) - iscsi: refactoring and update tests (atodorov) - ignoredisk: refactor to kill all mutants (atodorov) - realm: fix missing writePriority and add more test coverage (atodorov) - driverdisk: remove writePriority from _DriverDiskData constructor and other refactoring (atodorov) - btrfs: more mutation tests & refactoring (atodorov) - dmraid: more mutation and test coverage (atodorov) - volgroup: refactoring and more tests (atodorov) - xconfig: more tests to kill remaining mutations (atodorov) - displaymode: extra mutation and test coverage (atodorov) - zfcp: more mutation tests and bump code coverage (atodorov) - keyboard: refactoring to reduce mutations (atodorov) - liveimg: more tests (atodorov) - multipath: to refactoring (atodorov) - ostreesetup: refactoring into and more tests (atodorov) - zerombr: more tests (atodorov) - vnc: new test (atodorov) - cdrom: Remove source of mutations (atodorov) - eula: minor fixes and more tests (atodorov) - mouse: add more tests to kill some mutants (atodorov) - user: fix for deleting of != '' change (atodorov) - Delete str != "" comparisons to remove 8*110 possible mutations (atodorov) - rescue: new test to kill remaining mutants (atodorov) - reqpart: new test to kill remaining mutants (atodorov) - interactive, lilocheck, mediacheck: kill remaining mutants (atodorov) - unsupported_hardware: new test to kill remaining mutants (atodorov) - skipx: new test to kill remaining mutants (atodorov) - autostep: new test to kill remaining mutants (atodorov) - Remove unnecessary nargs=1 parameter (atodorov) - Pass writePriority to KickstartCommand.__init__ (atodorov) - Add test for writePriority (atodorov) - Refactor mock.patch so it works with Cosmic-Ray (atodorov) * Thu Oct 06 2016 Chris Lumens <> - 3.4-1 - Fix Python 2 builds by assigning to KSOptionParser.version properly (#106) (atodorov) - Do not run translation-canary under python2. (clumens) - Add network --no-activate option. (#104) (rvykydal) - Don't run the ksvalidator test under python2. (clumens) - Fix the check for the error raised by the logvol command on python2. (clumens) - Support timezone command usage without timezone specification (mkolman) - Formatting fixes (mkolman) - Stylistic improvements as sugested by static chackers (#95) (martin.kolman) - Fix unused-variable warning (atodorov) - Fix command handler errors identified by previous test (atodorov) - Test for older versions in new Fedora releases. Closes #28 (atodorov) - Rename FC16 to F16 so we can find it later in versionMap (atodorov) - Update sys.path in handlers/ if not already updated (atodorov) - KSOptionParser accepts description, not help argument (atodorov) - Remove unused import (atodorov) - Fix class definition problems identified by previous test (atodorov) - Test how command and data classes are defined (atodorov) - Fix a couple problems with the previous ksvalidator patches. (clumens) - Remove a bunch of history from the spec file. (clumens) - Refactor ksvalidator and its tests (#90) (atodorov) - Fix some code smells (#89) (atodorov) - Enable Travis-CI (#88) (atodorov) - Add versionToLongString to the type annotation file. (clumens) - Update tests to reflect new positional arguments (atodorov) - Add empty help/description for KSOptionParser (atodorov) - Add custom help formatter for ArgumentParser (atodorov) - Initial Sphinx configuration (atodorov) - The pykickstart package should require a specific python3-kickstart. (clumens) - Shuffle network command options for more logical order. (rvykydal) - Update documentation of network command. (rvykydal) - Update documentation of network command. (rvykydal) - Download translations less frequently. (#83) (dshea) - Adapt to the new version of mypy (#82) (dshea) - Remove the locales from zanata.xml. (clumens)