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Information for build gnome-shell-extension-freon-35-1.fc29

Package Namegnome-shell-extension-freon
SummaryGNOME Shell extension to display system temperature, voltage, and fan speed
DescriptionFreon is a GNOME Shell extension for displaying the temperature of your CPU, hard disk, solid state, and video card (NVIDIA, Catalyst, and Bumblebee supported), as well as power supply voltage, and fan speed. You can choose which HDD/SSD or other devices to include, what temperature units to use, and how often to refresh the sensors readout, and they will appear in the GNOME Shell top bar. For the GPU temperature, you may need to install the vendor's driver for best results.
Built bydavidlt
State complete
StartedFri, 23 Nov 2018 23:46:22 CET
CompletedFri, 23 Nov 2018 23:46:22 CET
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gnome-shell-extension-freon-35-1.fc29.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Wed Nov 14 2018 Andrew Toskin <> - 35-1 - Bump to upstream version 35, which fixes the German translation and some gjs errors, but now only supports GNOME 3.30. * Fri Jul 13 2018 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 34-2 - Rebuilt for * Wed May 16 2018 Andrew Toskin <> - 34-1 - Bump to upstream version 34, which improves the Polish and Spanish translations, and fixed a bug where it did not check for Nvidia lockfiles. * Wed Feb 07 2018 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 33-2 - Rebuilt for * Mon Jan 22 2018 Andrew Toskin <> - 33-1 - Bump to upstream version 33, which fixes typos in the Russian and Ukrainian locales, and fixes an instability issue that could cause GNOME Shell to crash. * Sat Jan 06 2018 Igor Gnatenko <> - 31-2 - Scriptlets to compile glib schemas (probably) won't be necessary when RHEL 8 is eventually released. * Tue Nov 14 2017 Andrew Toskin <> - 31-1 - Bump to upstream version 31, which fixes the Russian translations, and adds a new locale for Ukrainian.